We really like it when our veteran Gospel musicians inspire hope and confidence to us.

Following the recent developments in Zimbabwe, all the citizens look forward to is having a restoration of huge magnitude. To those who believe in the Christian God, this video by Shingisai Suluma, titled Pano Patasvika, is the right one for you.

The visuals encapsulate all that happened in Zimbabwe when the military took over, especially the marches on 18 November. Pano Patasvika is a message that we are closer to freedom, and we are not going back.

The video also traces the hardships that Zimbabweans faced from as far as 2008. But Pano Patasvika, the whole concept is just beautiful.

The video is an exhortation by Shingisai Suluma for people not to lose their focus, and to remain patient in spite of the tough journey. For Suluma, she is grateful for where we are, hence, Pano Patasvika.

But she also admonishes us that we are not there yet. And God has to lead us.

Your views may be divergent, watch the video below:

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