Without doubt, Zimbabwean Hip Hop (Zim Hip Hop) has started on a very positive note. With so much shade being thrown at some of the artistes and their work, particularly some of the videos, Sharky’s offering silences the critics.

Riding on the massive reception of his sophomore album, Sharky released the video for the song Henaroo just at the beginning of 2018. The song itself has a predominant theme of competition, in which he talks of how much he has changed the game ever since he entered, and how he has always stayed loyal to his grind.

The video, directed by Aaron Mheta, is a stroke of clever creativity. ‘Too much sauce..’ the chorus goes. And that’s the sauce we have in the video. It’s this kind of blending powerful lyrics and genuine creativity in coming up with such an awesome video that must make one fall in love with Zim Hip Hop. It shows how much Zim Hip Hop has come in delivering quality products to the consumers. The video itself is a bold declaration to start the year with.

Perhaps Sharky can donate all the sauce that the video is replete with. Sharky is the master chef who makes it his duty to give us a well-prepared delicacy. Powerful visuals in this video show the way in which everyone behind this video was committed and devoted to Zim Hip Hop and the Zimbabwean music scene at large.

Henaroo music video has got the sauce. No ketchup. Just sauce. Raw sauce.

If you’re not convinced, then well, wait for other projects. Watch the video below:

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