Seh CALAZ, Hwinza - hohwa, lula lula

Seh Calaz and Hwinza have made a song together, and it’s a combination of elements off the hits of both artists.

The song is titled Hohwa/Lula Lula, and it takes the “Hohwa” part from the hit by Seh Calaz, Hohwa. The Lula Lula part is derived from the smash hit Lula lula by Hwinza, a song that pushed him into mainstream Zimdancehall.

It’s a reminder of Seh Calaz’s willingness to work with the new, young and fast rising in the Zimdancehall scene.

Seh Calaz takes charge of the chorus with his rather pleasant vocals. For Zimdancehall fansm this song will probably make lots of sense. Who knew Seh Calaz and Hwinza could be a powerful collaboration?

Anyway, listen to the song below and tell us what you think:

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