Mussa Effect is one of those artists who are daring to scale new heights in the entertainment, and the support that he gets from many stakeholders in the sector does not fail him.

The show commenced at 7.30 pm, and by the time it took off, it was obvious it was going to be one that would linger on in the minds of those who attended for a long time. Kadem Kadem kept the crowd entertained with his rib-cracking jokes as the crowd waited for Mussa Effect to turn up (pun intended).

Mambo Vic opened the show, giving a powerful and yet soothing performance with his guitar. After him Kadem Kadem gave away a few gifts from DStv leading to the second performance which was delivered by the songstress Buhle. She performed a cover and her brand new single Take My Breath away released on the 14th of August 2017 marking her anniversary with her fiancé.

Mussa Effect then took to the stage at 9 pm and delivered not just a performance but an extraordinary experience. Indeed the crowd was effected. The effect was really palpable in such an exuberant atmosphere. His face was painted in white, something that appears to be his signature look on stage. He performed his rendition of Chiwoniso Maraire’s Vanorapa along with his original music. Mussa also gave the crowd a sample of his next single Magumo set to be released in November and this song left some people in the crowd on their feet, clamouring for more.

The event was graced by a couple of local celebrities like former radio personality Zaza Ndlovu, Larry Kwirirayi, Macy Huber and Tendai Guzha, to mention a few. Mussa was also blessed enough to have Multichoice Africa’s managing directors attend the acoustic night.

This is what Mussa had to say about the show, “I’m very privileged to receive the amount of support I’m getting from both family and friends. I’m glad everyone had a great time and I couldn’t have done it without the strong team that stood by me, thank you Buhle Kadem and Mambo Vic for sharing this night with me and thank you to everyone that came through to support the Effected Acoustic Night movement.”

Indeed, it was a perfect Effected Acoustic Night.

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