T1 WEMA1 is now called Ti Hwan and his song Hakuna is good for Zim Hip Hop

First things – He is no longer T1 Wema1, he simply is Ti Hwan now.

And he has blessed the Zim Hip Hop sound with a new track titled Hakuna.

On a beat with increased pace, his lyrical prowess if fully let to flourish and there’s a feeling he reveled in that. Ti Hwan can safely be called one of the best rappers in Zim Hip Hop who has mastered the art of employing hard-hitting vernacular bars. It’s something you can’t miss when listening to his songs, particularly Hakuna here.

It’s a typical “let-me-call-myself” song that some in the Zim Hip Hop circles are accustomed to. Hakuna is a song that is generally fair – to his fans and ardent followers of Zim Hip Hop it could turn out to be a smash hit, you know.

The lyrical flow in Hakuna by Ti Hwan is quite coherent, and for some it will be pleasant to repeatedly listen to.

And even though the song is confined to the typical story-lines of self-praise, the lyrics are fashioned in a clever manner.

“Chamisa mafaro makupinza EDM” is a part that will capture the attention of some people the most.

Your views could be divergent, listen to the song below:

Or you download it via this Audiomack link.

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