This one is for you esteemed Zimdancehall followers. It’s the year 2013 and the Zimbo Flavor Riddim has everyone on their feet. I would regard this one as the most important riddim in this game, we saw the breakout of brands such as Soul Jah Love, Kinnah and importantly Nyasha Reginald Mano famously known as Ras Pompy.

At this moment Ras Pompy is 13 years old and is widely touted as the heir to the throne. The hit Style n Pattern is working wonders for the little boy. I hope you remember the ambitious effort they put in that video, the young Ras Pompy standing on top of an obsolete vehicle and a few ghetto girls of his then age swinging their small waists. Fast forward to 2019, Ras Pompy is still around, but everything has changed. What a lovely fairytale. Let’s see.

Nothing is as beautiful as seeing a youngster mature in the music industry. We’ve seen it with global superstars like Nasty C and Jamaica’s Koffee. This could be the case with Ras Pompy, and now he has the Style n Pattern. The Zimdancehall long-term wonder kid is at it again. He is here in 2019 with a new track called Struggle. You can’t ignore the fact that Zimbabweans are struggling economically, aren’t we? In his new video Ras Pompy emphasizes on why it is important to swallow pride and hustle. Hope should never die and giving up is not an option. His last year’s track Friends is a manifestation of teenagehood experiences. It’s a relatable track that carries a common message of betrayal and fake friends. We refer to this as growth.

There is something beautiful in his latest products – the Patois. With Nutty O leading the way in terms of international appeal, Ras Pompy can follow those footsteps. His recent offers Struggle and Friends can back these assertions. The music is good in terms of lyrical content and the melody in his voice. Ras Pompy’s song is easy on the ears.

The career has been long enough, he recorded his first track at the age of 8. His discipline is excellent, he has kept his grind clean despite so many temptations that come in the way for musicians such as drugs and promiscuity and for his age he would have easily fallen prey to these.

Ras Pompy in 2019 is pretty much impressive.

His resilience in making music is also outstanding and the fans still love the boy basing on the reception of his music on YouTube.

You can use the links below to access his latest video Struggle and tell us what you think.

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