Zimbabwe has a lot of talented young people especially from the entertainment and film industry. Sadly our film industry is not really up to standard but that’s another issue to talk about for another day. Today I’m going to be chatting with a young upcoming actress who is taking the film industry by storm despite the challenges. I’m sure y’all have seen and heard about her. If not don’t worry let’s have a quick nyaya with Nyarie Matanga aka Nonnie to find out more who is she and her future plans. Grab that glass of mazowe cause you are going to need it.

Nyarie ‘Nonnie’ Matanga

Donovan: Who is Nyarie Matanga? 

Nonnie: Nyarie Nonnie Matanga is a 24 year old upcoming Zimbabwean actress. She is very ambitious and passionate about ART.

Donovan: When did you realise you have love for acting?

Nonnie: Throughout primary and high school,I was in the Debate and Public Speaking Club.Then when i was in Form Three,I was asked to come up with a play on “Children’s Rights.” The play went on to win during Regional Competitions and that’s when I discovered my love for acting.

Donovan: What is the first movie you ever featured on?

Nonnie: OverSpill in 2017,which was my first time on camera. That’s where I met Billy Kabasa,Director of Kumran Pictures,an emerging production house which I’m part of now.

Donovan: The film industry In Zimbabwe is facing growth step by step, what you do think it’s lacking for it to reach its full potential?

Nonnie: I think the Zimbabwean film industry lacks ‘Government and Corporate Support’. In other countries for example,South Africa,the Arts industry contributes a lot towards the GDP of the nation,besides Mining and Agriculture.Perhaps with Zimbabwe,it’s because we are a third world country. However,I strongly believe that if the government and the corporate could support us,Zimbabwe would make waves in the Global Village Arts Market for there is a lot of talent and potential.

Donovan: You featured in Mababe The Movie, tell us more about the role you played? 

Nonnie: Mababe was our first feature film as Kumran Pictures and my second time on camera. I learnt a lot of new things on and off set.

I played the role of a controversial maid in a bright yellow uniform(laughs). At one time “Nonnie” was a sweet maid then she was manipulative since she had people coming in asking for favours from her and so,she would be in control.The next time she would be this feisty mafia girl who was after money and would stop at nothing to get it. Changing characters was fun and I had amazing co-actors and crew members who made it awesome to deliver those different characters. The movie was featured on Zambezi Magic Tv.

Donovan: What’s in store for you and tell us more about the production company you work for?

Nonnie:  (smiles) Watch the space for what’s to come next. Kumran Pictures is an emerging production house under Billy Kabasa. We are passionate about film,arts and every creative thing in general.

Donovan: Any advice to upcoming and aspiring actors and actresses?

Nonnie: I’m just an upcoming actress but to anyone out there who is passionate about acting, my advice is “Just like any career,you gotta fight against all odds for your dream,for your passion,for it will be tough”. Have a “REASON” ,for that’s what will push you when the waves and tides come your way.

I bet that glass of mazowe it’s finished right? So as this quick nyaya chat. Make sure you watch out for Nonnie as she’s bringing the fire back in the film industry. Also do watch some of her featured movies online.

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