Zimbabwean people are hard working people. We are always on the go and lookout for better opportunities. Honest Masiya (HM) is another success story and product of Zimbabwe to be proud of. I took my time out of my busy schedule to have a quick nyaya with him about who he is and what he plans for the future. Before you even begin to read our chat, make sure you grab a glass of mazowe cause you will need it.

DF:Who is Honest Masiya?

HM: I’m a young, hardworking and ambitious man who is continuously trying to improve himself.

DF: When did you find out that you have a passion for Public Relations?

HM: I actually started out in Digital Marketing then many people in the workspace would refer to me as a Public Relations person. That is when it clicked in my mind that I could start practicing Public Relations management. A lot of the stuff I was doing in Digital Marketing also complimented Public Relations so I was like I might as well do more. In general, my career has evolved so fast over the past 9 years.

DF: Can you tell us more about your company and some of the celebrities you have worked with?

HM: My company is called Brand Audacity, it is a brand reputation management firm. Initially we started as a small social media consultancy then through exposure and the contacts we have,I figured that we were ready to venture into brand reputation management. We are exposed to a number of highly profiled personalities and brands in Africa and soon internationally. I have worked with a lot of celebrities can’t even mention one (lol)

DF: How is the Public Relations scene in Zimbabwe compared to South Africa?

HM: My observations are that there is a lot to be done in the Public Relations circles, there are a lot of opportunities to be explored especially now that a lot of our personalities and brands appeal to the international audience.

Honest Masiya

DF: You have been nominated for the Zimbabwe Achievers Award Personality of the year Award. How do you feel?

HM: First all, I am extremely proud of myself because I surpassed expectations with that nomination. Secondly it’s such an honour to be nominated amongst some of the people I look up to. I am extremely excited.

DF: What’s next in your life? 

HM: I want to pursue TV Production because I have a passion for telling authentic stories. I feel I have been telling stories but more on a digital level, it would be interesting to start producing shows for television. All in good time, I guess.

DF: Any advice to those who want to be involved in the PR industry?

HM: Be passionate about it, be in good books with the media and most importantly be prepared to work long hours.

That’s it for a quick nyaya. Need a refill for that glass of mazowe??Do catch the next nyaya soon.Tell your friends to check us out cause we all know they like nyaya.

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