I’m super excited to be bringing you conversations that aims to bring change and a rain check in our lives,spheres and industries.Today I got a chance to do a quick nyaya with a multi talented woman. Well you might know her as Miss Mo or that girl from twitter but for me I know her as a friend. She’s currently on the verge of becoming the next big thing in Zimbabwe. Don’t forget to grab that glass of mazowe cause this nyaya is super interesting. Have an awesome read!

Donovan: Who is Monalisa Chishato?
Monalisa: A Multi-hyphenate Creative. I do everything from Writing to Acting .

Donovan: What is your most stand out talent since you are multi talented?
Monalisa: Spoken Word. It combines my writing and performance which is really fun
cause it’s always a rush to do the writing and then the performing , making
words into action .

Donovan: Tell us more about recent projects?
Monalisa: Wow right now I am one episode away from a complete season of a podcast called Anchored which is a hot take of the topics in contemporary Christianity.I’m also currently filming a series produced by Entertainment Afrika called House of Stone, Lifestyle magazine TV show for Local and regional viewing and as well as writing a novel for publishing titled ”The Pastor’s Kid”

Monalisa at work

Donovan: The biggest challenge a creative faces is….?
Monalisa: In Zimbabwe it’s probably access to services that need foreign currency to
access website hosting,SoundCloud account,casting agency and your podcast subscription.Besides that I think the biggest challenge is ourselves, ironically creatives bind themselves with limitations of their creativity.

Donovan: What do you think it’s lacking for Zimbabwean Creative Industry to 
compete with other countries like South Africa, Nigeria and Zambia??

Monalisa: Funding , artistic freedom of expression , and respect from society. We have not reached a place where a career in the Arts or creative space is deemed respectable and viable,which feeds a huge cycle of no/low funding,bad productions and unpaid creatives and frustrations.

Donovan: What does the future holds for you?
Monalisa: Everything from Awards,Social clout and definitely a house for my Mama.There is no limit,if I can think it then I can do it.

Donovan: Any advice to your fellow fans/supporters??
Monalisa: Be you!!There is money in it.


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