The proposed National Alcohol Policy, which will introduce restrictions on the consumption of alcohol, is most likely to affect Delta Beverages and African Distillers (Afdis), the largest alcohol producers in the country.

If the policy comes to fruition, it will seriously hamper the business activities of Delta and Afdis. A Cabinet committee recently revived the 2010 National Alcohol Policy draft, which seeks to outlaw the sale of alcoholic products during certain days and hours of the week and never to pregnant women.

According the The Standard, here have been new licensing proposals, including high annual fees, and regulations on how manufacturers and distributors would get the product to the retailers.

Alex Makamure, the Delta secretary/corporate affairs director, said that Delta had participated in the drafting of this policy and said the most contentious issue would arise when it comes to curtailing consumption on Sundays.

Some of the proposals include stopping breweries from distributing bulk beer and instead selling bottled beer.

Delta sells nine lagers and two traditional brews. Afdis sells products with heavier alcohol content such as brandies, cane spirits, ciders, gin, rum, whiskies, wines, spirit coolers, vodkas, liquors, and sparkling juices.


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