The times are greatly changing for the better and women are now claiming what’s rightfully theirs. In the last three years, the proportion of female legal practitioners in the country has almost trebled, the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) said.

In 2013, the proportion of female legal practitioners was 13%, but by 2016 the figure had risen to 35%. The LSZ executive secretary Mr. Edward Mapara praised this as a positive development that allowed both men and women exceptional in the profession the equal opportunities to be their best.

Membership has been increasing rapidly for the female legal practitioners, and it is highly commendable.

It’s positive news. It’s something that signals a society moving in the right direction, a society with the aims of the betterment and progression of the profession.

Mr. Mapara also mentioned the menace of errant lawyers who abuse trust funds, who treat clients unfairly and he said that cases of these had been on the downward trajectory.

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