Renowned Constitutional Law expert and presidential candidate Professor Lovemore Madhuku said that he is not winning the 2018 elections in Zimbabwe, arguing that he will use the this year’s elections as a stepping stone for victory in the 2023 elections and beyond. He believes his party the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), stands a big chance to change things just like any other party in the country.

He seems to be a man accepting reality. That in Zimbabwean politics numbers matter a lot and if you do not command a huge following then there is nothing for you in the race to become president, of for your aspiring MP candidates to make their way to Parliament. But then, he seems defiant, saying that by 2023 and beyond, he will be commanding some big numbers by then, and that victory will be near.

Does his plan look like Nkosana Moyo’s?  Wait, Nkosana Moyo seems genuine and yet just opportunistic. Maybe that’s who Madhuku is. Let’s say they have long-term plans.

Is Zimbabwe ready to depart from the “politics of numbers”? That is just a remote possibility. People naturally go for numbers.

“President Mnangagwa was not President on day one, so it will be very unfair for Zimbabwe and the NCA to expect Madhuku and the NCA to be dominating Parliament, and to have a president winning on day one,” said Prof Madhuku.

“There is more to an election than winning, an election has several components. The first one is promoting democratic culture in your country. It’s about creating a situation for you to build on. We might not be taking this election, we are praying more for life, and if we are here in 2023, here in 2028, then you will see what we are going to get but it starts in 2018.”

Madhuku believes he can disrupt party politics. He wants to change the way we do our politics, the dominance of ZANU-PF and the MDC. Will he do it?

Madhuku’s plan is based on a “mature but wrong democracy”. That’s his plan. The “let’s do away with ZANU-PF and MDC” plan. Will it work?

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