President Mnangagwa Cabinet Must Deliver

Elections are over, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa (ED) was declared the winner by the courts, and his mandate has started.

He has got a lot of work cut for him. His past reputation in the Mugabe era is still hovering around him, making many Zimbabweans pessimistic, although there are some who believe Mnangagwa will represent change.

If Mnangagwa is to be taken serious on his message of change and reform, then the cabinet he will appoint must speak  for itself.

Zimbabweans are tired of cabinets which consist of old ministers who are not innovative and are hell bent on plundering state resources while perpetuating impunity, lack of accountability, lack of transparency and corruption.

Mnangagwa himself must show a deep desire for genuine reform, not for optics. Superficial things. No.

The dead wood must be done away with, and pave way for fresh minds with an unquenchable zest for change to take over.

Our president can do better. His cabinet will send a strong message on whether he is willing to change or not.

Zimbabwe needs to be extricated from its political, social and economic mess.

We expect the President to do better.

ED Pfee can make sense if the country is moving forward.

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