zec is compromised and not independent zec is delaying with results
Justice Chigumba

If there is one thing that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission needs to understand, it’s that waiting is not cool. I mean, we are on the edge here, and they are taking long with the results. That is absolutely not cool.

We need the results. Now. Why are they taking so long? What are they doing with the results?

They are coming in batches. It’s not cool.

See, ZEC Chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba said that we have to bear with ZEC, they are overwhelmed with results (because we have harmonized elections – presidential, parliamentary and local authority at the same time) but we ain’t convinced.

When you delay with results, we begin to ask many questions. We are a people that have been subjected to all sorts of electoral malpractices and manipulation.

We are asking questions. We are having suspicions.

We are worried now.

Just be, a little bit quicker with the results. Please.

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