You might know him as the guy who dared to be on top of Joina City singing melodic tunes in his video ‘Made For Love’ featuring DJ Ace Tanner. Paul M MARTIN as he is well known by his fans is a RNB,Pop artist whose has an attitude of disappearing and then reappear with some big quality stuff that makes us forgive him for his absenteeism in the industry.

This time he’s back with a banger that makes you call your boyfriend/girlfriend to come and chill with you because it has some sensual vibes.The song ‘Sensual’ its one of his latest single of the year and it followed with a video.

Paul M Martin

The video was shot in Cape town by Toward Culture. It’s a well quality crafted video as it features pretty ladies, colourful scenes and the singer gave us some cool moves.We give the video an 7/10. Watch the video below and tell us what think about it.

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