King 98 album

From rags to riches is the common narrative in almost every artist’s story. It has to be a fairytale so that you quickly capture the attention of music fans. On the contrary, we have musicians who hail from rich families and they have however made it against the odds. Talk about Davido and locally Tehn Diamond – they have managed to fight stigma owed to the fact that they have wealthy backgrounds. Should that be the case? We fail to celebrate our own because they have had the privilege and access to resources right from the onset of their careers and that’s not it.

We have a case here and it’s about the boy King 98. He has already proclaimed kingship hence the name King 98, don’t mind the 98 but if you task me to deduce the meaning in his context I would say he is getting close to 100 and that’s a number of completion. You would be hesitant to fight in his corner, even when the points are there others will still call you a bootlicker but nonetheless it’s for the culture. It is believed this is the most expensive album launch that has ever happened in the nation and as the Zim Hip hop family we are proud.

King 98 brought Nasty C and Davido, two of the hottest MCs in Africa just to bless the Fransesca launch you can imagine such a gesture. His collaboration with Davido released earlier this year did not live up to its billing but it has earned him a little popularity with the fans and some familiarity with the game through the experience he has gained from working with an artist of that stature.

To further cement the opinion that King 98 has the potential one has to get his top track Sauce man, a track about the juice which he is proving to be possessing but not as a result of musical prowess.

The King is still a boy but 98 is close to 100, he will surely get it right and Zimbabweans will do what they know best, to love and support.

In fair terms, the newly-released album is a good project. People may harbour wild expectations considering the investment poured into making the project come to life but really, this is unnecessary. It’s an album that has loads of quality sounds. You can feel the high quality sounds – and King 98 trying to accommodate his story within the confines of these sounds, made by some of the best producers.

It is quite imperative to note that King 98’s delivery still needs to be worked on. But as someone who is still finding himself musically, we say there’s loads of space for him to continue perfecting his craft.

The story he conveys in the album is not hard to fathom. He is a young man who wants to show the world his passion – which is music. But in doing so, he is facing a lot of criticism and vows to continue making more music despite what people say. He has the backing of his parents – noting that the name of the album is the also the name of his mother. He is grateful for being given room to express himself, but he is soon finding that the road is not easy.

In all honesty, it is a good project really. King 98 will however need to continue working on the style of how he delivers his lyrics. And some of his lyrics may need some spicing too.

He has ample room to flourish if such support is given to  him. He has vowed to never quit music, he is here to stay. And he wants to win.

You can get King 98’s album Francesca via this link.

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