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Zimbabwe National Road Administration. ZINARA. Is there anything meaningful they have really done with all the money they collect?

In Zimbabwe, it’s always corruption scandal season. But even with news of such corruption scandals, nothing ever happens to these shameless perpetrators who continue to milk off the resources of the nation for their own self-aggrandizement. Sickening.

So, there’s been news that obscene amounts of money are being blown at ZINARA you know, like it’s nothing. The Herald reported that Zinara “has been paying two salaries for two chief executive officers for the past 12 months, while thousands of United States dollars were spent on hairstyle, food hampers, and gym allowances for managers.” \


NewsDay said, “Some of the corruption cases at Zinara included the misuse of $71 million earmarked for special projects, awarding of millions worth of contracts to the same companies, for example, Univern, without going to tender, prejudicing the country of millions of dollars through contracts that were poorly negotiated, the $8 million graders tender scam and several issues of mismanagement, including hefty salaries and allowances for Zinara’s top brass.”

By just reading this, and looking at the state of most of our roads in Zimbabwe, it’s quite saddening really. Makes you incensed but then you know, well, probably nothing is going to happen to them in as much as the Transport Minister or any other official may make noise. That’s what mostly happens in Zimbabwe.

Thugs, thieves, running state entities and looting money. Ah, these looters. Sigh. This Zinara news is depressing.

“It also emerged that Zinara spent US$4 000 on each director in buying and installing gym equipment at their residences, but the road authority went on to pay monthly subscriptions for their gym at upmarket clubs in Harare.

More than US$60 000 was also spent on hairstyle allowance with one boutique pocketing more than US$25 000 on having hair done for Zinara female managers.”

Honestly, where’s this country going when these acts are allowed to happen? How then are we going to develop?

It’s all a farce, really.

So, now that there’s all this noise, is anything ever going to happen to these people?

Are they going to face justice?

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