Dr. Nkosana Moyo, leader of Alliance for People's Agenda (APA)

It’s election season folks. Things are beginning to happen, in terms of campaigning. The electorate is being sold all sorts of messages (including blatant lies there). Of particular interest is Dr. Nkosana Moyo who leads the Alliance for People’s Agenda.

Ever since he announced that he would run for president, his campaigning methods have been different from conventional ones. He’s been low-key, claiming to have grassroots support and all that kind of stuff. As the campaigning trail is getting intense and more contested, the methods employed by Dr. Nkosana Moyo have caught many by surprise. And because of that, some have hailed them, and for others, well, he has become a subject of ridicule.

Dr Nkosana Moyo has been a political figure engulfed by a tinge of mystery. Of late, he has been visiting people from nowhere, and begin to preach his political message. Women who are doing laundry, couples who are enjoying their time, boys herding cattle; he just visits you and you find him there, just like that.

Some say he wants to disrupt the political atmosphere in Zimbabwe. He wants to bring a new way of doing things politcally, new ideas, new ideologies. It sounds noble. But is it working? His walkabouts are just new.

So well, to some people, his new campaign methods are just as endearing, or of they are not, they are now getting him the much-needed attention.

Could you give him credit for his new style of doing things?

What we see here is that people are getting to talk about him. People have always said that politics is a game of numbers and Nkosana Moyo does not have those numbers.

Which leads us to whether he has a long-term plan, or he is really intent on winning this year’s elections. It would seem logical to conclude that since this year is very much tightly contested, a long-term plan seems to have been set in motion already.

Maybe he has his targets set on the 2023 elections. Perhaps, people will then see that all along he spoke sense, and that the rest just uttered rhetoric. Anyway, it’s politics.

His new tactics have ostensibly made him a subject of ridicule.

But could his interfaces be game-changing? Are they primitive? Is he really weird by just appearing from nowhere?

Let’s just see how far his campaign tactics will get him.


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