A. Martin ft NATASHA MUZ and the General's son - ride or die (zim hip hop, zim hip hop reviews and zim music)

It’s a song that got a trap element that could have been properly defined more, but still, you can lend your ears to it and still harbour minimal complaints.

A. Martin has released another brand new song titled Ride or Die and it features Natasha Muz and the General’s Son.

The themes of the song portray the narrative being pushed by the urban youth these days, and we really think young people (like young people, you know) can easily relate to the song.

The plea is a concerted effort in working hard, and that in such attempts, unity must still be key.

There are other values like a free nation which we found quite alluring. It’s the kind of content we are looking from young people in their music.

A. Martin is all about his usual style and the General’s Son makes an attempt at bringing a different angle in terms of style.

Ride or Die is ka inspiration Zim Hip Hop must be pushing forth.

Anyway, it’s all about the grind.

And oh, Natasha Muz makes collaborations brim with fire. You know the thing.

Listen to the song below and come with your own verdict.

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