Natasha Muz releases Queen Speech EP
Natasha Muz

Handizi Tsaga was her ultimate breakthrough. The year 2018 ended with Natasha Muz being crowned with the best female artiste award and limelight was brought right into her palms. Her voice alone challenges the odds and you can see that right from her birth a star was rising.

Maybe I am too ghetto but honestly I loved how Alicia Keys mashed up the ghetto story remix with Cham, the likes of Hood celebrity and Steflon Don are also attractive characteristics on the international scene who have made it to the top with gangster flows. Natasha Muz still has to work more to maintain the standards she set. Zim Hip Hop is a cut throat jungle and there’s no definite queen or king as well. The gangster-type of music by Natasha Muz is the flavor that has been lacking in hip hop. She can easily bridge Dancehall and Rap – something that gave us Steflon Don.

Natasha dropped the Extended Play and named it Queen Speech. In the cover photo she was disguised in suit with escorts and we read the speech in her pose. There is no doubt that she is the most versatile femcee in Zim Hip Hop. Her ability to switch from gangster to a song bird is too exquisite.

In the EP, Natasha takes on the wings of an angel. The song Missing You is evidence to this. Ita Easy breathes back to life the ecstatic vibes of her bouncing rap. She brings in some pop in the song Tomorrow Is The Night and that surely makes the whole EP a mixed vibe, too wavy. Ghetto is another song that represents the fact that Natasha Muz easily marketable among the youths who have been fond of Dancehall because it reflects their stories.

She brought in that dimension – her speech goes from the bedroom, dance floor and addressing both ghetto youths and mamero (haters). Hopefully her EP will be enough to drive her further in her endeavors.

We are still encouraging Zimbabwean female artistes to collaborate since this is a collective expedition. However she managed to nice up her project single handedly and perhaps that’s how she became The Queen. Her fans certainly know how it ends: Breeeh!!

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