The Election Resource Centre (ERC) has urged Zimbabweans to register to vote for next year’s polls saying that Mugabe’s resignation must not make Zimbabweans lose sight of the inevitability of elections.

They said in a statement, that an election ultimately results in a democratic government and that elections remain the only constitutional method that allows citizens to choose the preferred leader they want.

The ERC also called for strengthening state institutions such as Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission and Zimbabwe Republic Police. They called for the immediate alignment of electoral laws with the Constitution of Zimbabwe. They also called for a secure political environment which allows citizens to freely express themselves.

The recent developments in Zimbabwe must not make us lose focus of what needs to be done next year. Next year is our chance to elect the leadership which we truly and deeply feel will extricate us from the mess we are despicably mired in right now.

We need to register to vote in our large numbers and freely select our preferred leader next year.

Zimbabweans must not lose sight of the job we have next year. It would be of no use to complain when we do not take part in the democratic processes of the country.

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