Miss World Zim Belinda Potts says she was labelled a prostitute
Belinda Potts in the middle. (Pic: NewsDay)

Hajirah Belinda Potts won this year’s edition of the Miss World Zimbabwe pageant and will have the chance to represent Zimbabwe at the Miss World finals in China. In an interview with one of Zim’s leading papers, NewsDay, she revealed that at one point she was labelled a prostitute.

Asked about cultural stereotypes associated with modelling, and how she has handled these, she said that she was once labelled a prostitute during her time in Masvingo. She suggested that people are misinformed about pageantry/modelling and she would like to invite them to bootcamps so that they can see what modelling really means.

“They should just understand that pageants help girls get to be themselves, advocate and show their beauty and voice out their opinions. Modelling also provides good entertainment to people. Those people need to be invited to pageants like Miss World Zimbabwe, which are classic and elegant,” Belinda Potts said.

She was asked a whole lot other questions, but this part on prostitution got our attention. Like, how can these stereotypes be so toxic that one can label a person of her nature as a prostitute? What are you saying about modelling? What are you saying about prostitutes?

Belinda Potts is very optimistic that she will change her community through her modelling, while trying to strike a balance between modelling and school. She wants to get advice on how to use her $20K prize money.

We believe in her.

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