Meisterminds Zim Hip hOP

For years I knew there was an artist called Meister and like many we never talked about this huge talent. It is understandable how great talent sneaks past our ears and we do not recognize it. This has led to many artists leave the game for other hustles. The case is different with Meister. He is the personification of resilience.

Meister is that artist who started brightly, well versed and pregnant with content. Unlike many artists, he didn’t need to mature and produce quality music because he started on that note, way ahead. Meister is hard on his flow, one of his outstanding attributes is the ability to pull long verses without struggle. You can trust his hard hitting bars which are usually accompanied with refreshing rhythms.

Starting from the top, he and R Peels opened 2019 with a banger, Vana Vacheche which topped charts deservedly. The opening verse for Vana Vacheche is overwhelming evidence to these claims. I then sat down and searched for more of this young man, satisfied. Another of his recent products is a track called Nhau DzepaGhetto. In this track Meister displays social commentary skills. The song addresses ghetto misconceptions, how the high densities are wrongly interpreted. The content-rich sizzling literature addresses issues on drug abuse and the daily hustles that we partake to take care of our needs not the common belief that the ghetto youths spend their days on bridges smoking weed.

Meister is the true ghetto mouthpiece.

One interesting fact about this artist is his humility despite that he is a public figure. He has not let his talent make him an untouchable celebrity. Hip hop motifs of bragging and boasting are not part of Meister’s journey.

Back to his music. I will only focus on a few tracks that are by many standards top notch. End of 2017 he released JULY, in this solo Meister raps on a disintegrating relationship. This is an easily relatable tune in which he highlights how reciprocity and compatibility are key aspects of a functional relationship. The visuals are so creative that you can tell the story without the audio.

A track called SUNGAI CHAMBA is further reinforcement to the fact that Meister is amongst the best when it comes to flow, his are simple and well-knit and he also showcases his storytelling skills in this track. Zim Hip Hop fans point out TAFADZWA as the song that put him on the limelight.

Meister looks calm, composed and reserved in the hood but the beast in him roars when he sets his foot behind the microphone. He is a complete artist who unveiled himself in the song TAFADZWA. Tafadzwa Mhuru advises us not to trust people who in turn stab our back. This is one line that tells the whole story, ‘you don’t understand me so for me to make you understand me I have to rap about me.’ TAFADZWA is an everlasting revelation on humanity.

Meister, who’s 24 has already built an illustrious career and it’s his talent that has worked through. He has been working with Noble Stylz in recent years, collaborated with the Zim Hip Hop fond dancehall chanter Qounfuzed and also was once a guest at the Coke on the Beat televised on ZBC. Of late, Meister has been hanging out with OG Guap a super talented producer and singer. He has also started on nurturing young talent and amongst is Slingz, promising youngster as well.

Meister has stayed low-key and off controversy but this is one artist who will surely break out just like Takura and control the game. From the above mentioned tracks we reckon that you listen to TAFADZWA and share your views with us.


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