Marc Mandisoul film

By Tapiwa Rubaya

It’s all about action and then cut! However this time for them it’s not in the runway ramp or even in front of a camera for a photogenic pic or commercial advert.

Several models are to feature at a historical TV series which is produced and directed by a prominent film director Marc Mandisoul.

The TV series is titled House of Stone and its main angle is focused on the Mabhena Family which controls Trans Africa Holdings, a huge multi-national business that includes showbiz, football and multi media interests. But then, the business is laid solidly on the foundation of crime deals.

The House of Stone is going to be released on the April.

Marc Mandisoul’s previous production was the State Of Malambia which has reached international platforms.

The House Of Stone Season 1 contains 13 episode.

Below are some of the models who who will be casts of the TV series ,they explain what it means for them to work along with Marc and they explain their roles in the House of Stone:

Dhyaan Kumar Savania

“This will be my 2nd time working with Marc and it feels good I feel privileged because it shows, his appreciation towards my work.

The last time I worked with him was in State of Malambia where I played a ‘bold role’ and it showed the brutal and merciless person I am as Frank Houdini while in ‘House of Stone’ I play the role of a special detective. It’s a totally different character.

In my career, I would love to be known as the actor of all characters.

I want to try and exploit different characters as I go along.

Before I am handed over my role in any act. I always think first about my character and picture that in my mind, so in House Of Stone my first thought was a detective.

I believe in building a reputation and relationship with everyone I work with present and future. I want to maintain my professionalism and grow with others together.

Acting has given my exposure and I’ve met a lot of hardworking and dedicated people.”

Takunda Jacob Simende aka TJ

“My name is  TJ aka Takunda Jacob Simende in full, I am an award winning Model and this all started in 2013. I’m now into acting as well, but I’m still new.

Passion drove me into the film industry. Since I had experience of being in front of a camera,  I just thought let me give it a try in acting. A friend of mine (Adrienne) contributed too for me to venture into the film industry .

I was in China for studies, but  also then utilized the opportunity to further my career in modeling industry which resulted in me getting an award last year at Zim Model Awards 2018. I didn’t not venture into filming in China, but however there are obvious notable differences that can be noticed, mainly “technology” “equipment” and “environment”.

I am part of the team which will cast in the film,  House of Stone(“Zimbabwe” in Shona) I will be playing a male model, Jonathan, with huge dreams to be a global superstar and is managed by the ‘Mabhena Family Media Company’.

Working with Marc will definitely put me on the market for bigger projects in film industry since he is one of the best Directors-and -Producer we have in Zimbabwe.

I will also get exposure from it, which is one of the key factor for anyone who want to achieve something in life. Other actors helps you to grow and gain more experience in acting and modeling too.

The idea is to help our film industry to grow through perfection in every character that I will be required to play. Not only in House of Stone but in other films to come. It’s also my desire to become one of the best actors in the country.”

Jay Tambane

“From modelling to acting this means a change of scenery a bit, but it will adapt, it also means new greener pastures for me and I can’t wait.

Well like everyone else my adoration came first from my motivator and mentor and that’s Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and countless lessons from the Director and Producer of this Amazing series Marc Mandisoul and his team.

My Character in HOS (House of Stone) is Frank, Frank is a Strong character who works for Michael, he is both Michael’s Muscle and go to guy when he want’s things done not by  use of words but hands.

Comparing between my character and the role of the character I playing the film Jay is much stronger than Frank.

While the major difference is that Jay does his own thing, makes his own hustles and not for anyone and Frank does it for Michael i think those are  the major difference between our characters, but when I am into Frank you wont even recognise Jay it will be just Frank.

This is the first and definitely not the last time to work with  Marc as he is a visionary he makes dreams that are on paper to come to existence and I’m really looking forward to working with him in other  projects that are to come, more so I have also met up with actors who are of talented and I know we have a long road ahead, actors like Blekks, Zvikomborero, Ngoni, T-Jay, Trev, Leitto just to mention a few.”


Marc Mandisoul film

“For a start it’s always a phenomenal and intriguing experience to be back on the set and on a totally different ball game all together as this is now a series and a must follow through as this allows a character to develop and grow week in and week out.

The one word of explaining working with Marc T Mandisoul again on this project is exhilarating. He always has these special ace cards up his sleeve both for cast and crew which makes it a nostalgic experience to look forward too.

Last time I worked at State of Malambia as Orlando Jackson can’t wait for that characters stand alone series, these are now different worlds apart and a different terrain all together.i In House of Stone I was cast for the the role of Michael Khumalo. This individual is the creme de la creme of the elite modern day barrister. He’s intellectually sharp, with a strong empire consolidation mindset as opposed to Orlando Jackson; your ex CIA, FBI, and Interpol agent gangster who’s his own boss so look for this character, he’s bringing a whole lot range and flavour onto the set of H.o.s (House Of Stone TV Series).

Film industry has changed my life in a tremendous way – it has opened the global page and chapter in my life and career.”

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