Mcpotar just produced and released his sophomore EP titled “ESCAPISM” which has already
sparked interest on Facebook amongst his friends.

The EP revolves around the concept of lost love and each song on it is a
sequel of the other. For a great experience, just listen to the songs in their arranged order. Trust us on that one.

The EP gives a true feeling of how art is used as a form of escapism, and if you are going through a rough patch right now, we do really recommend this project to  you.

The project kicked off as a joke in the early hours of July 1. Mcpotar got beats from producers LAK, Mus and Carnis Major and started writing to them one after the other. Recordings were then done at one go and Break Up Art, a song done
last week, was added to add a bit more context to the story.

“Creatives are lunatics lmao, I mean look at this dude,” rapper JayMaggs said in one of the comments on social media.

For Mcpotar, there is no need to suffer when there are various forms of escapism at your disposal. He gave us an insight into it, “This project was made around real life events during a time I needed art as an escapism.”

And what escapism is. “It’s the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities. We all need it. I do not encourage destructive escapisms such as over indulgence of drugs, irresponsible sex or suicide.”

The EP “Escapism” by Mcpotar also comes with a free gift, the book he recently released called Blessed Princes. 

Get the EP via this link

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