Vhuka vhuka lamont ft freeman

Freeman is one of the most established dancehall artists in Zimbabwe. The well-travelled chanter has made strides since his debut in 2008. Last year the HKD boss celebrated a decade in the game with a successful album Mukuru Wekambani and an EP Kusuka to end the year in style.

Freeman is a flexible guy who has managed to record with various artists of different genres. His works which include setting up HKD, a stable which has housed the likes of Crystal and Darula have also proven that he is a vibrant ambassador for the upcoming artists.

Meanwhile Lamont is based in the UK and the Afropop artist entered mainstream with hit song Maiwe with Kin. The two have come together and on this day released Vhuka Vhuka. Gumirembada sings, ‘everything is mighty fine’ in one of his lines, a claim which is undeniable. The video from the beginning flows pleasingly. The glittery visuals further impose the fact that Freeman has never let us down in this game when it comes to videos.

Whoever doubted Lamont will surely regret the misconception. 2018 had the Kanjiva dance as the most popular move and perhaps this year is for Vhuka Vhuka. The Andy Cutta Films video features Nox and was produced by Mr Kamera. All that can be said is well done to the team. The dance moves for Vhuka Vhuka are aptly choreographed and are not complicated. In Freeman’s voice, “nyangwe wakaoma mutezo waita nditambe” hence it’s an easy one. Much respect for the duo who resisted the temptation to go indecent, the lyrics of the song are easily leading to that thought but do not expect to see sexually suggestive dance moves and the dressing is sparkling without nudity.

A taste, feel and tale of maturity.

Vhuka Vhuka is that club banger with a rhythm that comes hard with a flow that sets fire on the dance floor. With this, you can safely declare that Lamont is a passionate party person, you’ve heard him say ‘life is too short, so get up get up’ at the end of the song?

We absolutely love Lamont’s vocals. We are used to Freeman’s melody but it’s not fading anytime soon. The guy is a lovely singer justifying the idea that he’s the gyalis pro. This

Vhuka Vhuka is about an alluring lady whose voluptuous body has left the guys drooling. They sing for her so that she swings her waist and routinely take her home for the night. The overall impression is that the combination stroke gold.

Freeman featured on club banger Nzenza with Exq and he’s on it again acing afro-pop collaborations, this year we got Vhuka Vhuka. The afro-dancehall merge is proving to be the thing basing on these collaborations and across Africa.

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