We all know our country Zimbabwe is in a worse state from our economy to the things that are just basic. Everyone is finding it hard to survive. Basic goods are going up as the dawn breaks.Fuel is in shortage. People are not getting paid in time. All these situations are too much for a person.What happens then to orphans,people who are sick and those are unemployed? The only way for them to survive is to receive a form of stipend from sponsors or probably donors. What happens if the donors don’t have enough for everyone?

That’s where Lizzy Chekwerah comes in. Based in Harare ,Lizzy is a Radio/Tv presenter, Philanthropist and Award Nominated Leader .She recently formed an initiative which helps sick people in hospitals, the underprivileged and orphans. At the moment she’s working with Girl Grandeur a women empowerment group that educates the media about critical issues facing girls.

Asked about how she came to form the initiative. Lizzy says,” the initiative came to be because giving people something they don’t have will change the world,even a smile will bring a change to someone’s life. It doesn’t take much to help.” 

Her mission is to help orphans, underprivileged and sick people with whatever they need. That’s why we need to lend a helping hand to her initiative. She’s in need of fruits, sanitary pads, shoes, winter clothes and even cash donations. Your donation will surely change someone’s life.Her work involves helping girls with sanitary pads and visiting sick people in hospitals for a chat and giving them food. ”Some of these people in hospitals they don’t even have anyone to visit them”,she says.

Regarding our situation in Zimbabwe we ought to be helping each other to survive. If you want to be a donor or a sponsor,please contact Lizzy on the number provided on the flyer or visit the website. Any donation will make a change even your time because Lizzy can’t do this alone. Let’s make Zimbabwe a better place again.

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