Grace Mugabe and Emmerson Mnangagwa are fighting for presidency and they are enemies

The drama as regards to the factional and succession wars in the ruling party has caused many headlines, and has grabbed everyone’s attention.

Tables are being turned, and in no time, the unexpected (which by this stage is now expected) will happen. The dynamics of succession wars in the revolutionary, warring party have taken a new toxic twist which could even threaten the security of the nation.

But while we make commentaries on what is happening in the ruling party, we must never forget of the bigger issues we have to deal with at hand. The bigger picture, we must not take our sight off it. It is no secret that our country has been shattered, by the very same people who are making headlines because of their infighting.

As Zimbabweans we can rise above this. We must not let our attention be of a wavering nature. The ruling party employs many cunning and divisive ways to make sure apathy flows unabated among the electorate.

Right now Martha O’Donovan, an American citizen with Magamba TV, has been taken to Chikurubi because she retweeted a tweet that referred to Mugabe as “Goblin.” That alone speaks volumes of how broken the system in the country is. Long bank queues, massive liquidity crisis, poverty, derelict health structure.

To rise above this, we must raise our voices. And hold our leaders accountable. It is possible if people register to vote and they vote wisely, as any reasonable man would do.

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