Law Basket legal services in Africa

There is always a need for compelling innovations in the various professions we are loyal to. There is always a need to evolve, and to adopt new ways that change the way we do business. With the fast-rising use of technology, this becomes even more imperative.

Technology has changed the ways we live, how we interact, and how we do business. Social media has been one of the most felt technological advancements across the whole world. And for some, social media comes with a plethora of negative effects – physically and mentally – but for others, when put to good use, social media is the greatest thing humankind has been blessed with.

A local start-up, Law Basket, harnessing the many advantages of social media in changing the way business is done within the legal profession in Zimbabwe. They have come with new, innovative ways to do business in the legal profession, challenging the traditional ways that have stood for centuries and centuries.

So, let’s focus on what Law Basket are really up to and why we think their services are of great importance in the times we are living.

Law Basket is an online legal service that allows you to get online legal help from lawyers across Africa. Basically speaking, Law is getting digitalized (when one takes it from this perspective). You do everything legal simply by using the internet. You find a lawyer to give you legal assistance by using the Law Basket platform.

With the way everything is changing, this is really commendable and we hope it’s something that will fully work.

Its founders describe it as “an online legal services marketplace for small businesses and start-ups in Africa.” Nyasha Makamba, one of the co-founders, said, “It is basically Uber for legal services.”

The company was brought to life in December 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs who had, prior to Law Basket, been running Lexware.  Lexware has been commended for making inroads in the African legal technology space.

Law Basket really brings in a flurry of opportunities, especially for young Africans.

“Through LawBasket Payments, the company also de-clutters the process of creating and managing bills for lawyers, as well as provide a simple portal to process multi-jurisdictional payments for legal services,” Makamba said.

“The company plans to increase user numbers both on the client side and the lawyer side in the current markets, with plans to introduce more lawyers from the Francophone and the Lusophone markets within 12 months,” Makamba added.

You can follow them on their Facebook page Law Basket.

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