The Gwenyambira of RunIt Music is back again, and the new track is especially massive when one considers the producer. It is a track that reveals a combination of special talent.

A special talent that is unbreakable and und unstoppable. Rufaro Kwamuri, the new track from Kudah RunIt is one that you cannot afford to miss. It’s one that your ears may yearn for.

The song was produced by the ever-loyal Splits Loui, whose game is proving to be of remarkable importance.

The one thing we love about Kudah RunIt is how he doesn’t disappoint, and how he always gives a special, distinct and unique meaning to each and every song he does.

At the core of the song is deep-seated theme of righteousness. Or at least that’s what we just assume. But this is a special song, just for reiteration purposes.

In Rufaro Kwamuri, Kudah RunIt finds a unique way to question the behaviours of certain people in society, and even those whom we may purpot they are righteous. The country is also said to be in dire need of divine intervention.

In the midst of all the chaos engulfing us as a society, Kudah RunIt assures us that happiness is still being granted to us.

You may view the song in another dimension, download Rufaro Kwamuri here

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