Kudah RunIt - Hande kuchurch

We do really think that if you have an inclination towards music with a religious touch while in the same vein being along ReggaeDancehall lines, then you should start listening to Kudah RunIt.

His new track Hande kuchurch is clear testimony that when it comes to Gospel ReggaeDancehall, Kudah RunIt’s name does excellent things. The song is a strong encouragement to go to church, but put in a way that makes it easily relatable to you.

In a world where religion is being swallowed by urban trends, Kudah RunIt’s technique is to adopt a modicum of these trends and infuse his message there. Which is why you need to listen to him.

His bars are not bad, and one can say the song is done on a bit ‘fire’ riddim. You know, where you begin to feel like making some moves.

It’s an enjoyable song. Kudah RunIt is increasingly getting good at what he does.

Your views may be different, listen to the song below:

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