This song falls within the ambit of the usual narrative that many artists in Zimbabwe are accustomed to. But it has a different feel, although much sounding like the theme assigned to most artists.

King James is a young artist from Kwekwe, whose song Musandidherere is an attestation of his affinity towards making bold declarations. A bold declaration that he is the king, as his name goes by. It’s an up-tempo track, filled with some clever and hard-hitting bars. It’s a message to fellow rappers and to listeners that he is not be taken for granted in the rap game.

The ego of King James is massaged in this song, but not in that usual manner we are used to. There could arise a feeling that he could have done more with the content of the song, and not focus on just praising himself.

However, the bars in this song are really enjoyable.

You could have divergent views, have a feel of the song by following the link below:

King James- Musandidherere


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