Killer T - Summertime

You know, Killer T is increasingly getting irresistible,you just gotta follow everything he does now. Killer T is a successful attestation of what hard work combined with new style brings out. Indeed, he is the chairman, always and forever.

His new song and video, Summertime, gets you in the mood for summer without hesitation, without second thoughts. It’s a wonderfully done video that brings out the beauty of Zim music when we clearly need it, that brings that lovely aura of ZimDancehall.

Killer T is doing well with his brand. The song seems to find a connection with the true dancehall rhythm he seemed to have abandoned. Still, great anyway. And he tries some slight Patois, we are unsure what to feel about that one.

Summertime by Killer T is something you must be jamming to, evidently. Cause hey, style you know.

Watch Summertime by Killer T below and tell us what you think:


  1. there is that girl in the video, exactly at 2:00 minutes. the second girl from the left, i think she almost let her titties out.????

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