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JP fans are showing disapproval on his latest offering, Ronika

He had been announcing the release of a new song. And a new video at the same time. There was anticipation, as usual.

Then the release came to pass.

As I scrolled down the comments on YouTube, listening to the song closely and watching the video eagerly, I noticed how people voiced their disapproval to the latest project. You would just get the sense that Jah Prayzah went offside on Ronika.

But is he getting things wrong?

Is he doing it right?

As with most recent Jah Prayzah songs, people first do not appreciate, but as time goes on, they begin to realize he actually offered some good work.

However, this does not answer the question.

I personally think that whatever that Jah Prayzah is doing, he wants to conquer his newfound territory, and even claim more new territory.

People may feel alienated by the new urban pop sound he is embracing, but if he is doing it for his brand to get more recognition in new territories, then definitely we must let him be.

So, I would say Jah Prayzah is doing the right thing.

Your thoughts may differ, tell us what you think below.

And watch the Ronika video here:

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