Jah Master HWAHWA

Jah Master has released a video for the song Hwahwa, a song that once made rounds on social media for its catchy vibes.

A video that maximized a rural location as its setting, it is something that gives off the typical stories of having one too many drinks. Stories many are familiar with. It has some shots that make valiant attempts at praising life in the rural areas.

Oh, and the worshipping of Super Chibuku. Jah Master does not relent from his cinematic cameos which usually give his video a commendable lively effect. He should keep at it.

For the song, it comes with a slightly different tune, which some have loved and others not.

All the same, it’s a good piece of art from Jah Master and January 2020 ZimDancehall has been blessed.

You can watch the video Hwahwa by Jah Master here:

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