This is a question that was raised by Alex Magaisa in his weekly blog the Big Saturday Read. With how events have unfolded in the past two weeks in the political terrain of Zimbabwe, it is worth giving this question some serious thought again.

Many are divided over what the military has done. Others see this as a genuine move in solidarity with the people for the sole, common objective of removing Mugabe and freeing the Zimbabwean citizenry. Others see this as a move to reinstate Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangangwa to the ruling party. They see this as a move in which ZANU-PF is reforming itself (creative destruction). It is just an internal party affair.

That Mugabe must go is a sentiment echoed by almost every Zimbabwean. But the question remains, are they doing it for the people or for themselves? In Zimbabwe, politics really gets confusing at certain times, and many have been devoured by this confusion.

Zanu PF is reforming itself. With the help of the people, the war vets, and opposition parties. At the same time, no one is no longer content with having the combination of Grace Mugabe and Robert Mugabe. It has become just contemptuous, if not repulsive.

It is a quandary, and as a nation we must reflect on this deeply.

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