R. Peels disses zim hip hop femcees
R. Peels

One of the songs in the EP ends with murmurs, “4 songs in 2 days, 2 days?” and some indistinct laughter of disbelief, happiness and a feeling of fulfillment. This is Mwana waPharoah, R.Peels, one of the hottest rappers in the land. He is working tirelessly ever since he broke into mainstream. We all know he had a bright start in 2019 with a sizzling duet Vana vacheche with Meister.

The EP Legend 20 is inspired by the young MC’s ambition, how he rates himself and the legend status in his early 20s. He says, ’I am a legend, if I die today Zimhiphop will celebrate my exploits’. I nodded in agreement, his 2018 Kudenga Kure album was a sublime revelation of Peels’ boundless talent. Legend 20 continued the youngster’s bromance with the famed Mclyne Beats who worked through the whole EP. They spiced up the project with a collaboration on the song Challenges.

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Challenges is a song which the duo celebrates their work ethics and how they are bossing the game. In the song Mamovie, Peels drops some hard hitting bars, he tells us that he is the ladies’ man. A dope rhyme complements the beautiful flow in the song. He is basically revealing how he has elevated and pimped the game. Then the song make sure, he speaks of his hustle, his values and his vision. He is not here for any funny games, he is after the benjamins. R.peels has got haters yes, he is not immune to that, he knows that and in the song Chipo he tackles this.

On the overall, the EP is worth your time, he is maintaining a standard. We hope to see more visuals from R.Peels in 2019. Mwana waPharoah will soon reap his rewards if he continues with the admirable work ethics. We hope he stays resilient. Brilliant EP.

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