Hope Masike

Hope Masike celebrated her ten year journey since she launched her music career in style at the Alliance Francaise in Harare on Friday 8 September 2017.

She left the audience clamouring for more when she left the stage after she had finished her performance. What she did on stage was just excellent and very exceptional, she came in the mood of celebrating her ten years. When she stepped on the stage she began with an instrumental of her much-loved song Musha Mukadzi, which was purely Mbira. After that she began singing some of her most-known songs and also included some traditional songs.

What got people enjoying was the choreography exhibited by Hope Masike’s band members. They oozed exuberance and were very vibrant, it was a purely artistic performance that had come to life. It also proved that Hope Masike has one of the finest in Zimbabwe. It was well-orchestrated, and prompted the audience to get to their feet too.
Her soulful vocals got everyone singing along to her songs. She showed that she was engrossed in what she was doing, and she also showed the people that she has matured in music. The Mbira was played in such a way that it almost seemed spiritual. Hope Masike has an amazing and unique way in which she blends the Mbira with other instruments. It was simply marvellous. It revealed that she is not just confined to the Mbira only but has a thorough understanding of music as a whole discipline.

She also showed the people her side which loves Sungura music as she sang her Mbira-Sungura song Wepepedu and other well-known Sungura songs sung by other artists. She took revelers on a spiritual journey through her song Huyai Tinamate. Just to show that she knows what she does, she did a remix of Demi Lovato’s song Next To Me. It was lovely, and revelers were taken down the lover’s lane.

Some of the songs she delivered include Kwira Gomo, Povo M’povo, and Musha Mukadzi. The way the Mbira was played alongside the drums, the guitars, and other traditional and modern instruments made Alliance Francaise seem like paradise. And oh, Hope Masike is a legend at Jazz too!

She closed the show with the song Ndinewe, which was accompanied by dances from her band and from the fans too. On the overall, she delivered a world-class act that just naturally flowed well, and everyone loved the atmosphere at the place.

DVDs were sold at $10 each and the DVDs tell us of Hope Masike’s journey and also includes some new videos.

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