St John's gay teacher Hovelmeier resigns
Neal Hovelmeier

There’s basically no space for homosexuals in Zimbabwe, really. The amount of energy we spend policing the decisions we make in our lives is pathetic, I mean, can’t that energy be channelled towards something else?

People are silent on the rape that is rife, perpetrated by heterosexual males, but make noise when one adult discloses they are gay.

The issue of the St John’s teacher who disclosed his sexuality in order to pre-empt the story that was going to be published by the Daily News in order to oust him is simply one not to make noise over.

As for Daily News, they should be ashamed ka.

Now the teacher, Neal Hovelmeier, has resigned saying he got death threats. Death threats for being homosexual. Why do we do this? How barbaric can we be, really, to get to this extent?

It’s a shame. Many other ills are not being condemned, but homosexuality. The door remains shut, and it’s just absurd. Hovelmeier had hoped for an end to homophobia, but it is clear homophobia remains rampant in the country.

We can do better. And there are those who claim the moral high ground, as if they are very holy.

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