Hillzy - help me God

Heads bowed, if you can go down on your knees what’s stopping you? I see Hillzy in the building but this time before a prayerful congregation and more specifically Zimbabweans, the saddest people on the planet. How can we not relate to a prayer? We certainly love the creamy voice behind every Mr Masinh production.

He is now a man who needs no introduction in the game. Of course we are still in love with Trevor Dongo and Sani Makhalima, two men whose voices had all the ladies screaming. Unlike Trevor and Sani, Hillzy is a hip hop offspring and can mash up R’n’B and any other sound excellently. So, in terms of vocals alone Hillzy got the keys like Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So. He is by many standards amongst the most promising and remarkably talented youths making music in Africa. Empawa Africa approved it (go and check out You Are Enough video uploaded on their YouTube channel) and Mr Eazi endorsed him hence he gave a shout out in one of the verses of this new track.

The Zimbabwe to South Africa journey motif is commonly believed to be a move meant to redeem financial chances and basically seek greener pastures. Hillzy had a short stint making music in Zimbabwe before vacating to Cape Town University where he met the light though he reinforces his love for Zimbabwe in his line – please don’t let me die in any foreign land.

There is so much to say on Hillary Chipunza’s career but alas, we are not allowed to narrate his story as imposed by his new wavy gem – Help Me God, where he says “ndimi mega munoziva kwandakabva nekwandakananga” referring to the Almighty. He is surely enjoying his grind and musical hustles down south since he has earned a loyal fan base there. There is a lot about the young man’s illustrious career stretching back to when he appeared on South Africa’s main broadcaster (SABC). He has been showing regularly on popular regional music channels Channel O and Trace, a no average feat.

Mr Masinh had a bright start to 2019 with TV Room and Keys. TV Room thrived and won despite being shadowed by the muscular Winky D’s Mugarden. He has set the record straight in 2019, serious business. As we await more production from him, students who happen to be his largest target group have been teased already by the announcement that he will be touring universities later this year, all the best.

We continuously hope the pace setting moves by Hillzy will help gain more mileage for Zim hip hop. “Vhenekai mwenje mberi kwangu kuti ndisarase chinangwa” reads one of the lines which portrays his strong religious affiliations, something which can easily inspire fellow artists and any other hustler in the streets. Hillzy is the blessing we needed to deal away with negativity that comes from stereotypical views of dirty lyrics, drugs and indecency towards contemporary genres and he is here with impeccably clean videos and lyrics. We have it now, Help Me God.

Yes, it’s a bumpy road but we are surely on it and not ready to give up on Zim Hip Hop and so should you in your daily endeavors. Zimbabwe is tough but, bless your soul with this track. Hillzy fans expect more videos and collaborations with local rappers and we believe it will happen.

Listen and watch the lyric video below and get back to us. Blessings!


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