Remember those days when Zim dancehall used to be the best thing almost everyday with the likes of Magikkal, Boom Beto, Kinnah, Tocky Vibes giving us tunes every week. Maybe I’m exaggerating, let’s say two songs per month of which they were a hit.

All of a sudden one morning you will be woken up by a new song from these artists not those mothers who always shout ”cobra” every morning. That time you will be wondering if you were away under a rock or didn’t get any notifications that these artists has released a song. Their song will be playing in the streets and in kombis already. That was some guerilla marketing right there. If we were talking about hip hop we would call it some underground moves.

These artists knew what we wanted, they gave us the tunes and we would dance, sing along like kids on Christmas Day. My question now is, where are these ghetto youths??

Let’s start with Magikkal. Last time I heard his music was the time he made a song with Nox called Phases. The song was not very successful in the streets even though it featured Nox. Maggikal if you are reading this please dzoka kuFiyo maybe you will find inspiration to be back on the hit list.

Boom Beto

So many misika yakambodonha gore raBoom Beto. He did his best by making us make our girlfriends and everyone shake their god given bodies. After that successful song, he did his best by giving us other songs like wairevei but all of sudden he went quiet. Where is he?Is it because no one wants to produce for him? Is he busy being a family man? Ndiri kungobvunzawo saKiller T.


Kinnah was the most favourite especially for his Musombo song. Last time I heard him was in January when he made a single collection album.The collection has been received well but not with great glee. Mr Mbare has been reluctantly lately. Is it because he’s giving a chance to the likes of Enzo Ishall to rule??If its that’s the case then we can have two kings to rule us. We miss the old you.

If you all know where these guys are, please tell them I want to have a dialogue with them. If you think this article is not accurate please leave your opinion in the comments section.

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