Hello Zimbabwe!Brace yourselves for Bulawayo’s first ever reality show entitled Being Braydan. Being Braydan is set and shot in the City of Kings and Queens. The reality show is produced by B.Heart FX Production Company and it follows the life of Braydan and his friends as they navigate through friendship,entrepreneurship,events and finding their purpose in the world.

”The show was inspired by basically wanting to show what Bulawayo has to offer as a lot of people think we don’t exist. Also we wanted to show people what my friends and I are capable of doing as we are passionate about almost everything”, says Braydan Moyo a film producer/director,fashion blogger and entrepreneur.

Being Braydan cast

Being Braydan is a reflection of what Braydan and his friends go through on their day to day lives from attending luxury events, business meetings, drinking champagne , confrontations to celebrating each others victories.

Judging from the trailer, the show will have so many people glued to the screen as there is drama among the cast, hilarious moments and of course some fancy stuff. We are not sure yet if its going to be an online show or what tv stations is it going to play on. The PR Team behind the show assured us that the show will premier later in July. Definitely Zimsphere will keep you in the loop

We love seeing new adventures especially from our own people. All the best to Braydan!We can’t wait to watch the reality show and gossip about it in the taxi, at work and at home as well.Check the trailer below and let us know what you think about it in the comments section.

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