Zimbabwe gays appeaL for sex lubricants

So, men who have sex with men in Gweru are appealing for sex lubricants. The country has never been kind to homosexuals and because of this it is being difficult for them to obtain sex lubricants so they can use in their intimate moments.

The National Aids Council hasn’t really been friendly with them on this one, with government officials raising the argument that availing the sex lubricants to them is just a move that promotes and celebrates homosexual culture in the country. Zimbabwe is extremely conservative when it comes to gay matters. So yeah, you can see how dire the situation is for the gays in Gweru. Well.

As carried by NewZimbabwe.com, men who have sex with men are failing to get hold of these sex lubricants at local clinics. Paul Zvavanjanja Peer Educator Coordinator from Sexual Rights Centre (SRC) had this to say, “We are appealing to the Ministry of Health to avail lubricants at local hospitals and we have had several complaints from men having sex with men that they are not there.”

“So as an organisation, we end up sourcing them to assist the men but they should be available at all health institutions for free and easily.”

He said that this was clearly not a matter of promoting homosexuality in Zimbabwe. All he is just advocating for are safer environments for homosexuals in the country.

Just give them the lubricants.

These are just lubricants, anyway.


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