Freeman has released the video for Wekwedu off his album Mukuru wekambani. Review by ZimSphere

Freeman dropped the his album called Mukuru weKambani and some sections are already falling in love with it. Which is awesome.

The first visuals in the album are coming from the Wekwedu, a wedding-oriented song that brims with positivity and leaves you desiring for your own wedding.That is if you do believe in concepts like weddings and so forth.

The video for Wekwedu will appeal to almost everyone who subscribes to the notion of a happily-ever-after life. The way it was made is convincing for everyone who hopes for a white wedding, you know.

It’s always lovely when ZimDancehall produces good stories like these that are well crafted out.

It’s video that will please the conservative quarters. Clean, cutting-edge visuals, the green, the family atmosphere. And then there is that blending of some traditional aspects and the borrowed concepts seen at every wedding.

Freeman did well in this video. It’s not a bad one. It may not be the best you are looking out for, but the video evokes some positive feelings.

Good video for ZimDancehall.

One of the most important things about this video, it was directed by Vusa Blaqs. Yeah, Vusa Blaqs. He is good at what he does.

Your thoughts may be different, watch the video below and form your own verdict.

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