Kudah RunIt is an amazing artist, one who puts his soul, body and mind in what he is singing. If you haven’t listened to his tracks yet, the time is now.

Kudah RunIt has been doing impressively well. His tracks have been speaking a positive message, and for one to avoid Kudah’s lyrics would simply be inappropriate. His work is tremendously marvellous to the extent that you just want to have more of his music. His two recent tracks Substance and I Don’t Give Up bear testimony to this.

The track Substance is a clear message to society urging them to speak things of substance unto today’s youth, a youth that is quick to become reckless and wayward. The need to keep up appearances is slowly becoming an uncanny feature in the general society and also in the music industry and RunIt tackles this problem in “Substance.”

Diversity is an important part of the identity of a musician and more importantly, one whose artistry is not limited to one genre. In his Splits Loui-assisted joint “I Don’t Give Up” Kudah switches up his flow from the dancehall-themed “Substance” and ventures into a more hip-hop-orientated theme for his message: Perseverance; Endurance and; Faith.

I’m a big fan of diversity and Kudah RunIt has certainly impressed me. Give him a listen and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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