The incessant battles to take over the nonagenarian leader have taken an ugly twist as it is reported that Mnangagwa’s enemies might have poisoned him at the youth rally in Gwanda.

Rumours circulated that Mnangagwa ate poisoned ice-cream from Gushungo Dairy at the rally and was immediately airlifted to Gweru. Fears that he might have been poisoned grew after he started vomiting, as well as losing consciousness completely. Some sources within confirmed to other media outlets that he was flown to a hospital in South Africa.

While some sources from Zanu PF confirmed this was true, others flatly refused that they knew anything. Professor Jonathan Moyo appeared very amazed and shocked when someone quizzed him about this on Twitter. Kembo Mohadi and Simon Khaya Moyo also denied that they had any knowledge that the Vice-President was in grave danger.

This horrible scenario comes after a week in which ED was in turmoil. He offered to resign from his two posts as state vice president and party vice president but Mugabe refused. A Facebook site known as First TV also published a 72-minute propaganda video compiled by one of his major nemesis, Prof Jonathan Moyo.

However, some say the mounting woes on ED have forced him to orchestrate this as a publicity stunt in order to rouse sympathy for him. They say he is feigning food poisoning so as to gain sympathy from people.

For some it is baffling how a feared man like Mnangagwa who has a reputation for assassinating enemies can be so vulnerable. Maybe he was not even that dangerous at all.

One thing for sure remains; the factional wars between G40 and Lacoste have turned ugly and there is no middle ground.

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