Abisha Palmer Volume 1 mixtape

Abisha Palmer has done us a huge favour by dropping the first volume of Reggae-Dancehall mixtapes. It’s the first volume, and it is pretty much loaded with some explosive tunes.

There is a wide array of songs, covering the Reggae and Dancehall genres from Jamaica. There’s also a mix of ZimDancehall in there,adding a unique flavour to the mixtape. The mix opens with some serenading Reggae tunes. That “mature music for mature people” type of vibe. It’s a reggae party really. And the way he handles Reggae is impressive. He mixes these tunes in a way that you feel justice has been done to your appetite for this particular kind of music.

He mixes old school Reggae and new school Reggae; a clever way to appeal to any Reggae fan really. Because it’s the transition to the present that matters. Some 2019 new Reggae riddims are in the mix and it’s quite impressive.

Then there’s some ZimDancehall in there, too. Mixtapes by Etherton and DJ Flevah dwell less on ZimDancehall, but Abisha Palmer deviates from this style and puts some ZimDancehall tunes in the middle of the mixtape. And it’s not bad really. ZimDancehall to the world. The ZimDancehall tunes are not many anyway,as there is a quick move to Jamaican dancehall.

There was some Shatta Wale in there. Spragdocious too. It’s an all-round mixtape which is really good.

You can listen to the Abisha Palmer Volume 1 mixtape below:



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