Some people might say he’s in the past but we beg to differ. The ‘Pamwe Uri Kufara’ singer is still the lit thing in the Zim Dance Hall of Fame streets. He grew from having beef (yes that beef that you know of) to being one with no limits or boundaries (Hello the Munyanyi’s). Qounfuzed is now expanding his career as he is working with organisations that promotes young musicians to achieve their career goals. I think we can safely say he’s now a creative entrepreneur.Okay that’s a nice introduction so let’s get into into chatting with him.

Donovan: You’ve been known as a trendsetter in the music industry tell us how you do you do it?

Qounfuzed: I’m humbled to hear that, thank you!Well in that case I guess it all comes natural with the love that I have for art and music. It’s all about being passionate about what you do and putting all your energy into the music. If you blend creativity with talent you will get the best mix.

Donovan:Lately you’ve been quiet,is there new stuff that you are working on?

Qounfuzed: I haven’t really been making music as much as I used to I have kind of slowed down the pace in which I produce and release my music because of other priorities but music has always been a part of my life and I always make sure I give my listeners something to listen to all the time. I’m scared of going quiet I feel like my fans will hunt me down and force me to record at gunpoint (laughs) but I admit I haven’t been making much noise like in the old days.

Qounfuzed in London

Donovan: Apart from being a musician, you are now a renowned creative entrepreneur. Tell us about the journey?

Qounfuzed: Apart from music I actually do a lot of background music work like perfecting my art in composing and vocal control. At the moment I’m travelling and touring, getting involved with Yuman Creations in organising arts workshops and helping out other aspiring musicians to find their ground in the industry.

Donovan: What’s Photo Music Festival? 

Qounfuzed: Photo Music is an exhibition of photography and music and it features both aspiring and established artistes from different parts of the world as they showcase and share ideas and experiences of their artistic journeys. It was founded by Yuman Creations in November 2017. The event involves world music tours, photography workshops, camping and charity fundraising marches. Artistes who took part at the first ever event included, Tyxee Mandisa (Zimbabwe), Fatima Yildiz (Turkey), Janin (Germany) and Tatenda Gora who is also known as X (Cyprus/Zimbabwe)

Donovan:We heard you are going to be in Cape Town in September, which Zimbabwean creatives are you looking to work with that are based in Cape Town?

Qounfuzed: Yuman Creations and myself are going to host Photo Music Festival in Capetown and I’m looking forward to work with The Hangout Duo who are helping with the hosting of the event and South African based artistes such as Modestly Captured, Paul M Martin, Nuckia , The Voice and Kudzai Chinyengere.

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