Marcus Zvinavashe

By Tapiwa Rubaya

When one of your day to day schedules is to buy a newspaper and find out what is trending or making headlines, surely you won’t miss the face of Marcus Zvinavashe (MZ), who has frequently been appearing in some adverts that are published in some local newspapers.
We had a chat with him as he told us more about his journey and the secret he has that captures one’s attention as soon as they spot him in any advert.
TR:Marcus Zvinavashe describe yourself?
MZ:Am a creative whose passionate, positive, driven, confident, joyful with a great sense of style and a lover of arts and everything artistic.
TR:What does it feel seeing yourself in almost every newspaper across the country?
MZ:I have and in one simple word thrilling.
TR:What are some of the features that have made your career to be unique?
MZ:My smile for one is infectious, l brag always that l have a great smile within the industry and my stylistic nature gives me an edge with what designers connect with.
TR:What is the important thing that you have learnt since your career emerged?
MZ:Keep in your lane, believe in yourself, focus more on your strengths, network more and lastly  give a helping hand where you can.
TR:When you are not into shoots what will you be doing?
MZ: I’m in a collective called Caligraph where we do murals and also l double doing some fashion consulting.
TR:What motto inspires your work?
MZ:In  everything you do,have an edge and scale it  bigger.
TR:To those who look up to you,what advise do you have for them?
MZ: You just have to commit, believe, plan, execute and  keep going.
TR:Where do you see your talent leading you in terms of your future?
MZ:Content creation, brand development and consulting.
TR:State three brands whose billboards you would like to feature in?
MZ:LV, Levi’s and Nike
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