A young lass birthed into marriage
A pious peasnt stuck in an
unpleasant situation
But she had dreams and her
tenacious resolve to succeed fuelled the carriage

For she was determined
her children would escape the
poverty a non-flexible society had bestowed her
Hard work pays, they told her as
she toiled the unforgiving sun
keeping her company eyes
almost blinded by its intense glare
But it seemed to reward the
bastard who had paid measly
cows and thought he owned her.

And every time he took the meagre scrappings she brought
from the market for booze and women
It seemed the Divine was
laughing at her pain or maybe
the gods had forgotten
But her tears watered the smiles
on the faces of her children
Her sweat helping buy her sweet solace for them.

So she hummed a cheerful
hymn as she trode the depths of
hell on her way to the lofty
Heights of Heaven.


This poem was authored by Donald Marindire

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